IHB Consulting & Trading e.K.

Pan-European distribution company for hermetic metal housings, optical microlenses, potentiometers, encoders and other electronic components.


Talk to us.
We will find the solution together with you.


We do not just offer you something. We specifically ask for your needs and let you decide.


When selecting our suppliers, we pay attention to quality as well as on-time delivery.

Our story

For our customers we regulate the import and export formalities. The company was founded by Holger Berthelsen end of 2013. In his senior positions at TDK Coporation in countries including Germany, Hungary, China and Hong Kong, he represents over 30 years of experience in the field of high

frequency, microwave and communications engineering. Arround the employees Tom Berthelsen and Yannick Berthelsen IHB is a down-to-earth and family operated company. Based in Munich, the company represents manufacturers from Japan, South Korea, China and Belarus.

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